The challenge of poor information

The challenge of poor and out-of-date information between front-line staff is limiting growth.

If you are going back and forward between the wrong people at the wrong time, it can decrease productivity. Poor information exposes the organisation to compliance risks. The financial sustainability of the organisation can also be under pressure.

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Julie WuCentroBUSINESS
Operating Efficiency – What do NDIS Service Providers need to improve?

Disability service providers are facing the same constraints as commercial businesses. Struggling with where to invest to make the most difference in growth and sustainability of their organisations. Profitability, pricing and costs to ensure they deliver the best value to their clients is a constant worry. Additionally, most are also overwhelmed by data, reports, audits and administrative systems.

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What’s changed this quarter in Australia’s NDIS market?

The growth and adoption of the NDIS by service providers and participants has once again increased. As at 30 June 2018, there were 183,965 Australians being supported by the NDIS, representing a 13 per cent growth on previous quarter. Of the 54,802 participants or almost 1 in 3, are new to the scheme and had not previously received State/Territory or Commonwealth support before the NDIS. 

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