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NDIS registration and renewal made easy

As a sole trader or new provider entering the NDIS, we understand it takes time and resources to adhere to the Quality and Safeguarding Framework and stay on top of the changes.

Centro ESSENTIALS is designed for new providers (under 5 employees) who require ready-made policies and processes to register and renew for the NDIS. Our compliance documentation will help you manage your day to day operations, assist you to on-board new staff quickly and help you stay compliant.

As a vital step in your registration and ongoing compliance, you need these business policies and processes as a minimum.

Redirect your organisation’s valuable time and resources to your clients and subscribe to Centro ESSENTIALS today.



Ready-made content

Policies, processes and related documents designed for the Core and Supplementary Modules of the NDIS Practice Standards

NDIS guides

Easy to read guides on how to complete the self-assessment for NDIS registration and renewal

Price guide

Find prices for support services, quickly and easily through our online search tool

Ongoing Compliance

Assistance to ensure your content is kept up to date with legal, regulatory and best practice changes

Policy discovery

Intuitive search functionality to find and discover content


Phone and email support for help and assistance with your software


Centro ESSENTIALS inclusions:

✔ Abuse, neglect and exploitation
✔ Advocacy
✔ Bullying harassment and discrimination
✔ Business insurance
✔ Child safe
✔ Complaints management
✔ Conflict of interest
✔ Continuity of supports
✔ Continuous improvement
✔ Decision making and consent
✔ Diversity and inclusion
✔ Entry and exit policy
✔ Human resources
✔ Incident management
✔ Infection control
✔ Information security
✔ Maintenance, records and audit

✔ Medication
✔ NDIS code of conduct
✔ Participant rights
✔ Person-centred practice
✔ Pricing
✔ Privacy and confidentiality
✔ Referrals
✔ Restrictive practices
✔ Risk management
✔ Service agreement management
✔ Staff records
✔ Support provision
✔ Waste management
✔ Work health and safety
✔ Worker screening
✔ Working with participant support networks

✔ Audit internal process
✔ Exit participant
✔ Investigate incident
✔ Manage complaints
✔ Manage incidents
✔ Manage quality improvement
✔ Manage risks in the workplace
✔ Manage risks to participants
✔ Manage worker performance
✔ On-board participant
✔ Plan supports
✔ Resolve conflict of interest
✔ Screen new workers

✔ Complaint record
✔ Decision making and consent
✔ Feedback and complaints
✔ Incidents register
✔ Participant consent
✔ Participant induction pack
✔ Participant risk assessment
✔ Participant risk management plan
✔ Privacy and confidentiality
✔ Register of interests
✔ Risks register


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Pricing is based on required content. Pricing for additional Supplementary Modules is available in the Subscription Portal before payment.

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Features include:

  • Customisable policies, processes and related documents ‘ready-made’ to meet the NDIS compliance requirements

  • Personalised corporate branding

  • Powerful functionality to manage policies, map your organisation’s processes, link regulations and create role-based views for your staff

  • Integrated knowledge testing to ensure your employees understand their NDIS obligations

  • Ongoing assistance to help your organisation remain compliant with, and thrive under the NDIS

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