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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Centro ASSIST?

Centro ASSIST is owned by Holocentric, a leading Australian software company since 2003. Centro ASSIST uses Holocentric’s expertise and experience in providing Business Management Systems. Holocentric’s clients include the NDIA, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Bolton Clarke, Qantas, Westpac, Sydney Water, Australian Defence Force and Icelandair.

What is Centro ASSIST?

An online web-app designed to assist NDIS service providers with compliance - registration, renewal and audit. Providing ready-made NDIS policies, processes, forms and registers. Supported by a team of NDIS experts.

What services do you provide?

We aren't a consultancy but provide extra services to Centro BUSINESS customers with our team of NDIS experts.

What products do you offer/what is included?


I am a new provider researching the NDIS

Discover our free online library of NDIS information. Including a NDIS registration guide, pricing guide and company name checker.

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I am a sole trader or new provider registering for the NDIS

Access ready-made NDIS policies, processes, forms, registers and participant documents. Including a self-assessment registration and renewal guide.

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I am a small provider operating within the NDIS

Personalise the web-app with your company logo, customise documentation and upload your own policies and processes. Including Knowledge Tests to quiz your employees.


I am an established medium to large provider

Utilise powerful functionality of the Centro ASSIST web-app and access to all compliance content. Including edit functionality, personalisation, onboarding, training and premium support.

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“Clean and crisp, direct and clear – and all in one place. Centro ASSIST is the go-to platform to assist you with everything about the Quality and Safeguards Framework.”


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Are you locked in to a contract?               

Yes, for 12 months with an automatic renewal.


Are the slides available after the webinar?

Yes, we will send a post webinar email with relevant information.

How do I contact you?  

Please submit a form or call 1300 420 171.               

We look forward to speaking with you at our webinar.