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Simplifying NDIS policy management and compliance

As a small disability service provider, we understand it takes time and resources to adhere to the Quality and Safeguarding Framework and stay on top of the changes.

Centro PROFESSIONAL is designed for providers who require a policy management and compliance solution for NDIS registration, renewal and audit. Ready-made NDIS policies and processes, edit functionality and integrated knowledge tests will ensure ongoing compliance, reduce employee onboarding cost and create a culture of organisational compliance.

We believe all organisations deserve to have the confidence and peace of mind that come with knowing they’re adhering to their NDIS obligations and have a sustainable compliance and policy management system.

Redirect your organisation’s valuable time and resources to your clients and enquire about Centro PROFESSIONAL today.

Centro PROFESSIONAL is suitable for organisations with up to 5 employees. Explore Centro BUSINESS if your organisation has more than 5 employees.



Ready-made content

Policies, processes and related documents designed for the Core and Supplementary Modules of the NDIS Practice Standards

NDIS Guides

Easy to read guides on how to complete the self-assessment for NDIS registration and renewal


Phone and email support for help and assistance with your software

Ongoing compliance

Assistance to ensure your content is kept up to date with legal, regulatory and best practice changes

Policy discovery

Intuitive search functionality to find and discover content

Edit functionality

Modify our standard policies or create new policies to suit your organisation

Process mapping

Create digital representations of your organisations processes, which can assist with training new staff

Customisation and branding

Add your organisation’s logo to the web-app and NDIS documentation

Knowledge Tests

Test your employees' understanding of NDIS policies and processes


Customisation and branding

Personalise the web-app with your company logo

Customise standard compliance documentation

Create and upload your own policies and processes

Brand policies and processes with your company logo


Knowledge Tests

Ensure your employees understand your policies, processes and the NDIS Practice Standards

The Knowledge Tests have been designed to test employees’ understanding of NDIS policies and processes.

Each test has 12 multiple choice questions and are aligned to the NDIS Practice Standards. Administrators are able to view the progress and scores of their employees.

Seamlessly integrated within the web-app employees can read, understand and test themselves on NDIS policies and processes.

Using Knowledge Tests promotes a culture that focuses on continuous upskilling, education and training for your employees, as encouraged by the NDIS.


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