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The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has changed the landscape for disability service providers. Organisations and employees now have additional compliance obligations to adhere to the new national standard.

As experts in simplifying NDIS compliance, Centro ASSIST can help you meet registration, renewal and Quality and Safeguarding Framework (QSF) obligations to seamlessly run your business. Whether you are a sole trader or large organisation, we have a product to suit your needs.

Redirect your organisation’s valuable time and resources to your clients and let Centro ASSIST be your quality partner.


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Watch the ‘NDIS Audit Success’ webinar recording below


Your registration group will determine if you need Verification or Certification and which Modules you need. Simply explained below.


What to expect from the audit process

You will receive a letter from the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission outlining Verification/Certification and which Modules you will be audited on. The letter will look similar to the one below.


The audit process will differ depending on whether you need Vertification or Certification (onsite, offsite audit or both). Two surveillances will be conducted for Verification and Certification. You will also need to renew your registration if you want to continue being an NDIS provider. Explained in more detail below.


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Discover our free online library of NDIS information. Including a NDIS registration guide, pricing guide and company name checker.

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Access ready-made NDIS policies, processes, forms, registers and participant documents. Including a self-assessment registration and renewal guide.

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Personalise the web-app with your company logo, customise documentation and upload your own policies and processes. Including Knowledge Tests to quiz your employees.


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Utilise powerful functionality of the Centro ASSIST web-app and access to all compliance content. Including edit functionality, personalisation, onboarding, training and premium support.

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