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Is renewing the same as applying?

Disability service providers looking to renew their NDIS registration will effectively need to re-apply, if they previously registered through the NDIA.

This is the situation for providers in New South Wales and South Australia, where the National Quality and Safeguarding Framework (QSF) has been introduced.

Under the QSF, which is being phased in across Australia, a more rigorous process for applications has been adopted. It includes a self-assessment module that commits the provider to create and submit numerous policy and procedure documents during audit and store on their PRODA account.

Providers transitioning to the QSF will face a far higher standard of assessment than under existing NDIA and state-based regulations.



  • Providers who need to generate the required documents from scratch can use Centro CORE to avoid paying expensive lawyers’ or consultants’ fees to have them written.
  • Established disability-services businesses wanting to adapt existing policies and processes for NDIS compliance and requiring professional services to incorporate their own documents, need Centro BUSINESS.


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The NDIS Commission is the regulatory body overseeing the new NDIS Code of Conduct and Practice Standards. It rolled out the QSF in South Australia and NSW on July 1, 2018 – with the rest of Australia following over the next two years.

In states where providers’ renewals are currently handled by the NDIA, this is set to change when the QSF comes into effect. Applications are to be submitted to the NDIS Registrar, which acts on behalf of the commission.

Have you received a renewal letter? It will give you a date for when your renewal is due. They are being issued sporadically to providers based on when they were last audited.  Some are only giving a couple of months’ notice; others are given many months to comply. And all renewals involve an audit, as if you were a new provider.

The Registrar will appraise each submission against the requirements of the NDIS Rules and the QSF. Applicants must give full details of their business operations, the services they will provide, their facilities, qualifications of staff and submit the correct documents to support their compliance with the QSF.

The commission designed the QSF as a means of regulating the NDIS market on a nationally consistent basis. 

By July 2020, all providers throughout Australia must undergo the new registration process.

In the meantime, providers in states not covered by the QSF can continue to register and renew through the NDIA.

For everyone else, let Centro CORE or Centro BUSINESS guide you through the registration process.

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