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Reimagining NDIS policies and processes

Why upgrade your Centro subscription?

We can take the hard work out of complying with your Quality and Safeguarding obligations. Our policies, processes, forms, guides and registers will help you manage your day to day operations, assist you to on-board new staff quickly and help you stay compliant. As a vital step in your registration and ongoing compliance, you need these business policies and processes as a minimum.

Which Centro product?

If you are registering for or renewing for the following groups (Modules 1 – 5), Centro CORE PLUS is for you. If not, explore Centro CORE.

Module 1: High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

Module 2: Specialist Behaviour Supports

Module 3: Early intervention supports for early childhood

Module 4: Specialised Support Coordination

Module 5: Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

If you are a large organisation and need a tailored approach to your compliance needs, contact us about Centro BUSINESS. Centro BUSINESS is our leading NDIS business transformation solution.


What's included in my subscription?

Centro CORE Centro CORE PLUS
What's included?
Online web-app and communication platform
Ready-made compliant Quality and Safeguarding Framework policies and processes
Easy-to-understand NDIS price guide, professional requirements and support items
Self assessment questionnaire guide for registration and renewal
Download policies, processes, forms, guides and registers from the web-app
Step by step, all steps and map view of processes
Role based views - only see content relevant to your role
Auditor referral service
Web-app access for your auditor
News and Industry Updates
Support Webinar and phone help line
Monthly newsletters
Policies and processes for Modules 1-5 for high risk registration groups
Expert Policy and Process Gap Check for Quality and Safeguarding Framework compliance - determine how ready you are for an audit Centro BUSINESS inclusion Centro BUSINESS inclusion
Personalised product demonstration Centro BUSINESS inclusion Centro BUSINESS inclusion
Expert writers to author NDIS compliance content and other business requirements Centro BUSINESS inclusion Centro BUSINESS inclusion
Services to transform existing policies and processes in an easy-to-understand format Centro BUSINESS inclusion Centro BUSINESS inclusion
Centro ASSIST resources to keep your digital content current with NDIS changes and updates Centro BUSINESS inclusion Centro BUSINESS inclusion

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    $49 +gst
    12 month minimum commitment

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    For providers requiring Modules 1-5
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    $829 +gst
    Annually on credit card