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Worried about renewing as a NDIS provider? Haven’t received your renewal notice yet?

At Centro ASSIST, we simplify NDIS policy management and compliance. We believe all organisations deserve to have the confidence and peace of mind that come with knowing they’re adhering to their NDIS obligations and have a sustainable compliance and policy management system.

Are you looking to register rather than renew? Don’t worry, you can access our tips for registration here.

Here are our 6 top things you need to do for renewing:

1. Choose your registration groups. This affects which policies and processes you need.

2. Choose which of our products suits you. Not sure which product to choose? Have a look at our Product Comparison page.

3. Use the time to prepare your application. When you subscribe with us we have a Guide to Registering in the NDIS Commission.

4. Confirm your details in your PRODA account, Myplace account, bank details, ABN / ABC etc.

5. Organisations will now begin receiving their renewal notices. When you receive the renewal notice you can complete the forms. When the NDIS Commission receives your form, you will be sent a Scope of Audit.

6. Get a quote from one of our preferred auditors and show them your scope of audit. Simply, send us an email and we will make the referral for you.


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