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Caught in between State and National registration as an NDIS provider? 

Did you want to register with the NDIS but missed the deadline? 

Frustrated that you have to now wait until July 1?

Don’t worry, use your time wisely and prepare for the national quality and safeguarding compliance regulations. So, when NDIS Commission applications are being received you can hit the ground running!

Have you already registered in NT? If you are looking to renew, you can access our tips here.

Here are our top 6 things you need to do when you are registering for the first time in Northern Territory:

1. Choose your registration groups. This affects which policies and processes you need.

2. Choose which of our products suits you. Not sure which product to choose? Have a look at our Product Comparison page.

3. Use the time to prepare your application. When you subscribe with us we have a Guide to Registering in the NDIS Commission.

4. Create PRODA account, Myplace account, bank details, ABN / ABC etc.

5. On July 1 complete the self-assessment and send your online application to the NDIS Commission. You will receive your Scope of Audit when you complete your application.

6. Get a quote from one of our preferred auditors and show them your scope of audit. Simply, send us an email and we will make the referral for you.

*If you are a Centro ASSIST customer, you can skip to step 3.


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I am a new provider researching the NDIS

Discover our free online library of NDIS information. Including a NDIS registration guide, pricing guide and company name checker.

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I am a sole trader or new provider registering for the NDIS

Access ready-made NDIS policies, processes, forms, registers and participant documents. Including a self-assessment registration and renewal guide.

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I am a small provider operating within the NDIS

Personalise the web-app with your company logo, customise documentation and upload your own policies and processes. Including Knowledge Tests to quiz your employees.


I am an established medium to large provider

Utilise powerful functionality of the Centro ASSIST web-app and access to all compliance content. Including edit functionality, personalisation, onboarding, training and premium support.

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