NDIS Provider Compliance






It’s essential that you actively manage your registration as an NDIS disability service provider.

This means making sure your business stays compliant – or, in other words, continues to meet its obligations as a provider of safe and high-quality services to NDIS participants.

Registration is not ‘set-and-forget’; providers need to stay up-to-date with the NDIS policy changes and new regulations that affect their registered status.  Renewing your disability service provider status to meet the new standards is more complex now due to the roll out of the Quality and Safeguarding Framework and will require a full review of your policies and processes to meet these new obligations.

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Compliance Audits

The NDIS conducts regular compliance audits of disability service-providers - depending on the Supports they offer - on an annual or three-yearly basis.  They are currently sending out renewal notices to those providers that were granted NDIS status prior to the Quality and Safeguarding legislation.

Audits are designed to ensure providers are complying with the NDIS Terms of Business, which includes meeting the standards of the Quality and Safeguarding Framework.

Providers offering services that are complex and with higher risks associated with delivery must undertake Certification every three years. This entails a full review of documentation and practice standards by an independent auditor and interviews of staff. There can also be site visits to places where services are being delivered.

Compliance for lower-risk services is called Verification, conducted annually to ensure the business’s required documentation and processes are up-to-date and in place.

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National Quality and Safeguarding Framework (QSF)

The NDIS roll-out is a fast-changing revolution in disability care. The adoption of the QSF will set the benchmark for the quality of that care.

The launch of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission in July 2018 has introduced a set of National Standards for provider registration and services, initially in NSW and South Australia, and to be rolled out across Australia over 3 years.

Providers must comply with the National Quality and Safeguarding Framework (QSF), in order to fulfil their commitment to the Terms of Business at registration.

While the details of compliance and auditing is currently under review by the Commission, under the QSF, registered providers will be required to comply with:

  • NDIS Code of Conduct
  • NDIS Practice Standards
  • Complaints management requirements
  • Incident management and reportable incident requirements
  • Worker screening
  • Behaviour support requirements (if applicable).

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