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Our easy 'look-up' tool replaces the complex NDIS price guide, which helps save you the anxiety over getting paid.

With more than 2,500 line items in the NDIS Price Guide, it's easy to get confused over what to charge for your services.

Sifting through the Excel sheets and PDF documents on the NDIS website to find the right item means invoicing can be a complex task.

And if you accidentally claim for the wrong line item, your payment is likely to be delayed, with dire consequences for your cashflow.

Our easy Look-up Tool for the NDIS price guide allows you to search the full NDIS Price Guide online. It’s quick and easy to use, free – and will save you time and worry.  


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How does NDIS pricing work?

To claim the right amount from the NDIS for your services, you need to find the right line item in the NDIS Price Guide.

Hence, you need to identify and filter the line items by:

  • Support Category – the 15 types of disability services funded by the NDIS

  • Support Item – the service provided - around 600 are listed in the Price Guide

  • Registration Group – each support category is in at least one of these 36 groups, based on risk in service delivery

  • Outcome Domain – services in a participant’s management plan are aimed at one of these eight goals

  • Funding Type – the three general purposes into which the support categories are divided.

Each line item in the NDIS Price Guide has a number made up of each of the above components.

Additionally, providers must look up their prices according to:

  • State/ territory – the jurisdiction of Australia in which the service was delivered

  • Area – the remoteness of the delivery location

Providers need to take account of the Unit of Measure. Listed prices apply either per delivery, hour, day, week, month or year. Alternatively, some services need a quote accepted by the NDIS.

Why do I need the NDIS Online Price Guide?

There are more than 2,500 line items of service pricing. The full NDIS Price Guide is currently supplied in several files to download from the NDIS website. It can only be searched manually, so providers need to navigate through the line items on every page.

Only then can you accurately calculate your claim and submit it to the NDIS for payment.

Centro’s NDIS Online Price Guide keeps all of the NDIS price list information at your fingerprints. It’s an easy-to-use search tool that helps you create your claim to the NDIS accurately.

And the best thing is that we will keep it updated whenever a new version of the Price Guide is released.  You won’t have to reprint spreadsheets or issue new advice to your staff -  just simply look up the Online Price Guide by Registration Group, Support Category or Support item to find the correct pricing.  All in one place, available anytime, anywhere.


Take the stress and financial pain out of compliance