Reimagining policies and processes


Share knowledge and make policies and processes visual and accessible. Reimagine the way you do policies and processes.

Compliance is not a one-time event.  Consistent, repeatable, shareable processes save your staff 20% in time and effort. Easy to follow, editable, software platform for all to use.  Link to policies, processes, regulations, forms, templates and more.

Communicate change and compliance rules.  Connect operations and engage your staff in a new way of working.  Get rid of those paper files and word documents that no one reads. 

Here's what healthcare leaders are solving with Centro ASSIST.

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About us

Centro ASSIST is a specialist healthcare business created by Holocentric. Centro ASSIST helps health and social care organisations improve performance, meet quality obligations and achieve sustainable business transformation.

Qantas, Department of Defence, DHSS and many more are using Holocentricā€™s Modeler, the core of Centro ASSIST for quality, safety, procurement, governance and compliance. 

Thousands of NDIS service providers are using our products for their compliance with the Quality and Safeguarding Framework.

Hundreds of aged care providers use the Centro ASSIST platform, which is the backbone of the LASA (Leading Age Services Australia) Safety and Quality Management system.

We work with business and organisations to achieve operational excellence by capturing, managing and optimising all business knowledge in a single location.


Our awards - we are winners of the 2019 iAwards NSW


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