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Making a compliance management system seem easy is an art. The artistry is in making the complex seem simple. 

We pride ourselves on how easy it is to use our software products. Our customers don’t need specialist IT help. They don’t need training courses or expensive consultants to input the policies and processes and there is no manual.

So how did we make digitising compliance this simple?

It takes a team of highly skilled software developers, user experience experts, code testers, quality control managers, subject matter knowledge writers, marketing and market research people. Their art is in interpreting and presenting the NDIS audit and compliance standards, policies and processes in an easy to use software web app.

The Centro ASSIST technical writing team

The Centro ASSIST technical writing team


Our Chief Technology Officer, Derek Renouf together with Walter Tran, Head of Disability Solutions, have a vision. They want our Australian-owned and developed, business management system (BMS), to solve the headache NDIS service providers have with their registration, renewal and audit. 

Chief Executive Officer Bruce Nixon, Head of Disability Solutions Walter Tran, Chief Technology Officer Derek Renouf

Chief Executive Officer Bruce Nixon, Head of Disability Solutions Walter Tran, Chief Technology Officer Derek Renouf


We took our award-winning software platform that Derek has developed in-house since 2003 and used our business process mapping experts to create the web app you see today. Walter researched the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and saw the need to simplify the language and presentation of the compliance framework into something all service providers can access.

Our goal is to help service providers meet their compliance obligations.  We want to clarify and simplify the complexity of the NDIS QSF.

What are Centro ASSIST’s guiding principles? Our promise to you:

  • Listen. What we have created was from listening to our customers and the industry

  • Won’t stop listening. We take input from our customers everyday through the web app

  • Expertise. Create usable software using the latest technology.

  • Relatable. We understand the problem. Really understand the problem and support you

  • Reputable. We’re doing this for large enterprises, thousands of users and we are winners of multiple awards

Digital platform – what does it mean?

In the world of software development there are two main methodologies – building a software product using a structured set of requirements, and being more flexible and ‘agile’. We have responded to the changing and fast-paced world of today by creating an agile web app. This allows us to assist our customers to quickly respond to business transformation and digitisation of their organisations. 

Building a software product is a constantly evolving task. Each new function, new content or improvement is tested, approved and released. Releases of software upgrades are part of the continuous improvement cycle. You can find the release number for our software on the web app in your login profile.

The Centro ASSIST testing team

The Centro ASSIST testing team


The Centro ASSIST recipe for success.

Centro ASSIST was built on a “secret recipe” of ingredients - technology products, customer-centric user experience principals, data architecture and our own IP. 

Different flavours can emerge. One “flavour” is the NDIS-specific compliance management system. Other “flavours” are LASA (Leading Age Services Australia) Aged Care Standards platform and “BMS” for our enterprise customers, such as Qantas, Sydney Trains, Westpac, Department of Defence, DHSS and others.

What is the method for Centro ASSIST’s success?

  1. Gather the facts. Understand the business problem, the industry and issues. Do the market research.

  2. Think like the user. Design in consultation with users and experts in software design and user experience.

  3. Test with the community. Create a prototype and invite users to beta test the system. Using their feedback, continually improve the system.

  4. Add the content. Engage the technical writers to write the easy read version of the policies and create process maps and visual diagrams.

  5. Stir and shake to make sure it doesn’t break. Send to the quality and testing team to try and break the code. Test the system on multiple devices and screen sizes.

  6. Taste the system. Hundreds of service providers are using their personalised version of Centro ASSIST and invited their teams. Thousands of people Australia-wide have access.

  7. Everyone benefits. Update the pricing for one, update for all. Add a new policy, add it for all. Change to the regulation is uploaded once, for all to use.

  8. Consume the Award-winning software platform!

On a more serious note, we are the experts in the field of business process mapping, process mining, digital transformation and compliance management systems. We are your trusted technology partner.


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