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The next webinar is on:

  • Friday 21st December, 2018 - 8:00AM - 8:45AM

You will learn:

  • How to become an NDIS Service Provider in 7 easy steps

  • The intricacies of verification and certification

  • Explanation of which Modules you need  

  • What to expect from the audit process

  • How our products can take the stress an confusion out of becoming an NDIS Service Provider to register, renew and stay compliant

  • Why keeping the right policies and processes are important

  • And much more….

Recent feedback on our webinar: 

"I found your webinar excellent. I am very keen to find out if I would need certification or verification" 

"Watched your webinar, presentation and information was excellent." 

 “This has been great. very informative”

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