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“As the information is always kept up to date by the Centro ASSIST team, it’s more like a living document rather than one that just sits in your bookshelf. Subscribing to Centro CORE is absolutely the best investment, one of the best things you could do.”


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Helping NDIS providers deliver

Let Centro CORE take the hard work out of complying with your Quality and Safeguarding obligations. Our policies, processes, forms, guides and registers will help you manage your day to day operations, assist you to on-board new staff quickly and help you stay compliant. As a vital step in your registration and ongoing compliance, you need these business policies and processes as a minimum. Centro CORE will help you deliver.

Centro CORE inclusions:

✔ Abuse and neglect
✔ Advocacy
✔ Bullying harassment and discrimination
✔ Business insurance
✔ Child safe
✔ Complaints management
✔ Conflict of interest
✔ Continuity of supports
✔ Continuous improvement
✔ Decision making and consent
✔ Diversity and inclusion
✔ Human resources
✔ Incident management
✔ Infection control
✔ Information security

✔ Maintenance, records and audit
✔ Medication
✔ NDIS code of conduct
✔ Participant rights
✔ Person-centred practice
✔ Pricing
✔ Privacy and confidentiality
✔ Referrals
✔ Restrictive practices
✔ Risk management
✔ Service Access
✔ Service agreement management
✔ Staff records
✔ Support provision
✔ Waste management
✔ Work health and safety
✔ Worker screening
✔ Working with participant support networks

✔ Audit internal process
✔ Exit participant
✔ Investigate incident
✔ Manage complaints
✔ Manage incidents
✔ Manage risks in the workplace
✔ Manage risks to participants
✔ Manage worker performance
✔ On-board participant
✔ Resolve conflict of interest
✔ Screen new workers

✔ Complaint record
✔ Incidents register
✔ Participant consent
✔ Participant risk assessment
✔ Participant risk management plan
✔ Register of interests
✔ Risks register


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