Make Registering For The NDIS EASY! 
Centro ASSIST’s easy-to-use web tools takes the hassle out of the NDIS registration and compliance process. We have systems and content to cover everyone from sole-traders to large organisations.
“I am not sure if I should register as an NDIS provider or how to start”
Centro FREE gives you everything you need to make the right decisions.
FREE NDIS price guide
Registration groups explained
Name checker
Easy-to-use FREE web app platform
“Finally, a system that makes registering as an NDIS provider EASY!”
“I need to get registered, prepare for an audit or stay compliant”
Centro CORE is perfect for small businesses or sole-traders. Our web app makes it easy to register and stay compliant.
'Ready-made QSF* compliant policies & processes for NDIS CORE modules
Updated automatically by us
Up to 5 users, give access to staff/auditors
Help-guide to the self assessment and more
Simple and affordable
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“What I love about Centro CORE is the layout and how the information is set out. All the policies and processes involved are clear and easy to read!“
“My registration groups require extra modules”
Centro CORE PLUS offers you the additional add-ons for those registration groups requiring modules.
Choose which additional modules you require
Updated automatically by us
Keep all your policies and processes digitally in one place
Plus all the great features from our CORE product
"I am a new provider and the amount of stress, uncertainty and pressure we all went through is immeasurable. To log in to your site and see the entire hassle taken out of the process I am absolutely gobsmacked! Well done!"
“My organisation has existing policies and procedures but I need them updated to meet current NDIS requirements”
Centro BUSINESS is our premium service. Our experts check your current documentation, ensuring all is compliant. We fill in the gaps!
Professional authors and technical writers transform your existing material
Author new content to meet QSF audit requirements
Minimise staff training time thanks to easy-to-follow online procedures
Our experts check over your documents ensuring they are all up to standards - for FREE
“I am amazed by this level of efficiency and service. Thank you for your excellent service, truly worth every penny we are paying!”
  • Centro FREE


    Getting started, looking for information

  • FREE NDIS price guide
  • Simple 7 step registration "how-to-guide"
  • Updates and NDIS news
  • Registration groups easily explained to help you make the right decision
  • FREE name checker
  • NDIS requirements all in one place
  • Easy-to-use web app
  • The perfect way to get started on your NDIS journey
  • Join Centro FREE
  • Centro CORE

    * Price is starting price +GST per month.
    12 month minimum commitment

    Ready to register or renew and stay compliant

  • All the features from Centro FREE
  • 30 policies - all QSF compliant
  • 7 forms, templates, and registers - all QSF compliant
  • 9 processes - all QSF compliant
  • Fully maintained to meet the changing NDIS
  • Help guide to the self assessment
  • Complete support from our team of experts
  • Up to 5 users
  • Discount on auditing costs
  • Online responsive platform
  • A watermarked hard copy version (with your organisation’s name and date) will be provided upon request
  • Purchase Centro CORE
    • Upgrade to Centro CORE PLUS

      From $58
      +GST per month - prices vary

      Extra module add-ons

    • All the features from Centro CORE
    • Choose which Modules you require
    • Upgrade to Centro CORE PLUS
  • Centro BUSINESS


    Large business needing a more personalised service

  • Professional authors to transform existing policies and processes
  • Author new content to meet QSF audit requirements
  • Seamlessly share information in an easy to use web-app
  • Reduce auditing effort with content maintained online
  • Free Expert Policy and Process Check
  • Reduce the time and admin burden for QSF compliance and renewal
  • We configure the documentation into your online system
  • Have confidence your staff are compliant
  • Join Centro BUSINESS
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