Consensus Software Awards

The 2019 Consensus Awards Winners

The 2019 Consensus Awards Winners

Centro ASSIST and our parent company Holocentric, were awarded a Highly Commended recognition at the Consensus Software Awards this year. Consensus specialises in industry development, awards and recognition programs. They are committed to supporting innovation and enterprise. The importance of the awards was recognised by Malcom Turnbull in 2017. He stated "...The Consensus Awards have a history of celebrating some of the most cutting-edge and innovative Australian tech companies.”

Centro ASSIST entered the competition to show the value of what we are doing for the community. We conceived Centro ASSIST to bring compliance to the disability sector. We have seen service providers, especially those in the NDIS, struggle with compliance and regulation.

According to data collected from our existing customers:

  • 60% of policies don’t over new regulations

  • 30 on average need to be rewritten

  • 192 hours of effort is required to write new audit-ready content.

Sourced from: Centro ASSIST Expert Policy and Process Check Results (January 2019)

 We realised that many smaller providers don’t have the resources to address this problem. Australia also can’t afford for the NDIS and care industries to fail. So we decided to offer a better way to do compliance. Centro ASSIST is the first to offer a technology platform, specialised content and guidance. The platform has reimagined policies and processes. We are excited about how compliance technology can make a difference, especially to smaller providers.

 The judges of Consensus stated they “were impressed with how Centro ASSIST manages the compliance needs for the NDIS registration and how this software provides policies and processes in a user-friendly manner.”

Our customers echo this statement. They are enthusiastic and grateful for our product. Receiving the Highly Commended recognition has validated our vision and made us proud of our work. We hope this recognition will open more doors to partners and expansion so we can help more communities in Australia.

CEO Bruce Nixon, Head of Disability Solutions Walter Tran and CTO Derek Renouf with our Highly Commended recognition

CEO Bruce Nixon, Head of Disability Solutions Walter Tran and CTO Derek Renouf with our Highly Commended recognition


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