NDIS Worker Orientation Module ‘Quality, Safety and You’


The NDIS Worker Orientation Module, ‘Quality, Safety and You’ was launched in early May and has an important message. It shows workers that people with a disability should be treated as any other Australian, and highlights the importance of the NDIS in giving people with a disability more choice. The module provides workers with knowledge so they can support NDIS participants responsibly and ethically.

It will be mandatory for all registered NDIS providers to embed the module in their induction programs. The module takes around 90 minutes to complete. Workers receive a Certificate of Completion at the end.

The module is an interactive online course, accessed via the NDIS Commission website. The module is engaging and easy to follow. It has been split into four modules or sections, each covering a different topic. The sections include perspectives from people living with a disability, enabling workers to better understand their point-of-view. They present possible issues workers may face and suggest solutions. Quizzes at the end of each section consolidate understanding of the content.

The first section, “Understanding the NDIS,” covers disability in Australia and the NDIS. It explains how the NDIS funding intends to make all Australians equal, and allows people with a disability to achieve their dreams. The module also outlines the NDIS Principles. These Principles are about ensuring people with a disability are free to make their own decisions.

The second section is the “The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.” This section outlines the role of the Commission, which is to protect the rights of people with a disability. The section explains how support workers can meet the standards of the Commission. Workers must ensure people with a disability feel respected and safe.

The third section “The NDIS Code of Conduct” outlines the Code of Conduct. It provides an overview of the 7 obligations under the Code. The module explains how the Code is nationwide and applies to all workers under the NDIS. Employers have a responsibility to follow the Code and workers should speak up if they see a breach of the code. Each of the obligations under the code is explained along with possible scenarios.

The fourth section “The NDIS and You” shows workers how they fit in with the vision of the NDIS. In the section, people with a disability explain what they want from the people they work with. Examples are provided to show how a worker should escalate problems.

Let’s all work together to ensure a better quality of life for people living with a disability. Complete the NDIS Orientation Module today.


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