The Sustainability of the sector is at risk – CSI Report Feb 2019

NDIS sector sustainability is at risk

The Centre for Social Impact report on the NDIS market has sent shock waves through the sector. Alarmingly 28% of providers are operating at a loss according to Associate Professor Gemma Carey, UNSW. 

ABS statistics state 52% of organisations are operating at a loss or not making a meaningful profit.

Fragmentation of the disability market has resulted in low levels of collaboration and provider knowledge. There is a growing gap in service provision. 69% of providers had received requests for services that they couldn’t provide. So the need and supply market forces are out of kilter.  

Confusion reigns in an uncertain policy environment. Prices are unlikely to increase. Providers have only one option – be more productive with less. They must become more efficient, it is not a choice, it is imperative.

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