Confused about Managing your NDIS plan?

One of the most talked about issues on social media and with participants is the confusion over their plan management and how to use their funding. Here is an explanation on how the NDIS plan management works and the different types of funding.

The participant may choose to have their plan managed in one of four ways:

  • self-management, where a participant manages their own plan, if the NDIA deems them able to do so

  • professional plan management, by an NDIS-registered plan manager

  • agency-management, directly by the NDIA

  • a combination of the above.

Under NDIS legislation, participants have the freedom to choose their service providers, where appropriate.

Each participant with funding under the NDIS has a budget to accomplish an individual plan to support them in achieving their identified goals.

Called “Outcome Domains’' by the NDIS, these goals align with one or more of these areas of their life:


Funding types

The participant’s funding package is separated into three Support Purposes - Core, Capital and Capacity building – which contains Support Categories that align with their goals.

These components form a funding plan, which is created by the participant (with help from a family member or similar) and a planner from the LAC (Local Area Coordinator) or NDIA. Some plans have funding for a Support Coordinator, who helps the participants find services and assist with any issues arising.

Plan managers look after the NDIS funding, claims, budgeting and bill payments to providers. They also assist with the implementation of a care-plan, like a Support Coordinator does.

Participants are free to choose unregistered service-providers, except when they have an agency-managed plan, in which case only NDIS providers will be chosen.

To liaise with participants who opt not to nominate a Support Coordinator, a LAC is appointed by the NDIS. The LAC meets with the participant to gather information so the NDIS can understand their funding needs.

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