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Taking a quality approach to NDIS registration

In years to come, future generations will scratch their heads and wonder aloud: Why did it take us so long to have a quality approach to the care and well-being of people with disabilities?

Despite the millions of dollars and countless days that Australians have donated and volunteered collectively over the decades, somehow it’s taken us until July this year to introduce a nationwide benchmark.  

Any disability service provider who takes the NDIS National Quality and Safeguarding Framework (QSF) seriously can expect to reap the benefits.

The NDIS QSF is an important launch pad for any disability service provider looking to identify itself as a credible and trustworthy player in the NDIS market.

Successfully registering with the NDIS confers professional approval that you are competent and capable of providing specific services, in line with the strict quality and safety standards of the NDIS QSF.

In marketing, it’s known as ‘quality assurance’. It signals to the market that you have an internationally recognised system in place to ensure your services meet a defined standard.

Under the QSF, all NDIS service providers are independently audited against the NDIS Commission’s Practice Standards for the services they intend to offer.

Unlike non-registered providers, they must complete an extensive self-assessment module, giving details of their suitability for registration.

Their application – and ongoing registration, if accepted - is then checked by a team of auditors, who themselves need to be sanctioned through the NDIS Approved Quality Auditors Scheme.

The auditing process is carried out in line with the international standards (ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and JAS-ANZ Policy 03/11).

NDIS registration gives service providers a very strong sales point, to differentiate themselves from unregistered competitors, as well as the peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing that people in their care can expect the best.

NDIS registration means you can provide services to 100% of people with disabilities. Unregistered providers are restricted to ‘plan managed’ or ‘self-managed’ participants (approx. 70%).

Service providers can develop their NDIS registration as a business advantage. Just like positive reviews and testimonials, it should be prominent in any marketing, promotion and advertising they create, as evidence of their high standards of delivery.

While glowing reports posted by participants on customer-rating websites are valuable, by far the most powerful review a disability service provider can acquire is NDIS registration.

It really is a serious business - and one that NDIS registered providers can justifiably say puts them on a par with world-class standards in service delivery and care.

Julie Wucompliance