Pricing for a viable disability services sector

pricing review.jpg

With the release of the McKinsey ‘Independent Pricing Review’ recommendations recently there is now need for even more clarity over pricing and claims.  McKinsey & Company stated in their Report that the "recommendations will have a positive impact on provider economics, improving overall industry margins by 2% to 4%, with even higher margin improvements for providers serving participants with complex needs or in rural, remote and very remote areas". 

In summary:

  • Price changes are coming and are estimated to cost the scheme between $250m and $420m per annum over the next 12-24 months.

  • Adding a third tier to the complexity loading of 10%, to account for higher level of skills/experience of workers and additional training required

  • Changing the therapy prices to better reflect different therapy types, and introducing a second tier of pricing for therapy assistants

  • ·A model of Transitional Support for Overheads (TSO) in the form of a 2-3% increase in the price cap of 1:1 attendant care for the next 12 months

Of course, this will add further complexity to the pricing scheme. NDIA has indicated that these changes should be implemented within the next 6 months, most likely on 1 July 2018. Centro ASSIST will remain a source of information, and will be continually updated as the inevitable changes are implemented. 


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