5 Tips to Market your Services and Products to NDIS Participants


After spending the time, energy and money (blood, sweat, tears) required to become an NDIS Registered Provider, are you now scratching your head, wondering exactly how you will find your first NDIS clients?

Here our top 5 tips on how successful NDIS Providers market their services and products to NDIS Participants:

  1. Word of Mouth

    It’s no secret that the disability community is hyper-connected and word of mouth carries great weight. This will be your best and most cost-effective marketing tool. If you look after your customers and offer a truly “person-centred” service, they will spread the word about you.

  2. Connect with NDIS Gatekeepers

    Support coordinators play an important role in connecting NDIS Participants with NDIS Service Providers. Make sure the support coordinators in your local area know you. Local Area Coordinators (LAC) also play an important connecting role. Send your local LAC flyers and visit their offices to help them understand what makes your organisation unique.

    Read this article about What Support Coordinators Want from Service Providers.

  3. Connect with Local Councils

    All local councils are required to have a Disability Inclusion Plan. Your council’s Disability Inclusion Officer is the best person to contact. Let them know about the services you provide and ask to be included in their community directory.

  4. Build your NDIS Provider Network

    Other NDIS Service Providers can be a valuable source of referral and are happy to refer people on for services they are unable to provide. Join NDIS Service Provider Facebook groups in your local area.

  5. List your business on MyCareSpace.com.au

    MyCareSpace is a growing and trusted online community helping people living with a disability, their carers and families find local NDIS Providers.

    MyCareSpace offers Service Providers an opportunity to connect with thousands of NDIS Participants, as well as Support Coordinators and LACS in the MyCareSpace community.

    To find out how MyCareSpace can help market your services fill out the form below.


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