One Size Shoe Does not Fit All

NDIS leader’s breakfast hosted by NDIS

13 March: NDIS leaders breakfast hosted by NDS -  “One Size Shoe Does not Fit All”

I really enjoyed my first attendance at the NDS organised “NDIS Leaders Breakfast” in Sydney where there were more than 200 attendees. Centro ASSIST has recently become an NDS Industry Support Member and we had a booth in February at the Victorian NDS conference. The first speaker was Dr Helen Nugent, Chair of the NDIA and she spoke about the 7 priority areas that the Agency is working to improve. Realising that “one size shoe does not fit all”, she reiterated that quality plans with high quality outcomes for participants is the mission driver for the Agency. The CEO of the NDIA, Rob de Luca, spoke about the Agency undergoing continuous improvement and plans in place for all participants/plan managers to have a direct contact channel to either an NDIS planner or the LAC. Economic participation and inclusion is finally getting the policy focus it needs. David Moody, Acting CEO of NDS reiterated the need for a workforce strategy as 1 in 5 new jobs in Australia will need to be in the disability sector. The Chair of NDS, Joan McKenna Kerr, gave a heartfelt vote of thanks saying the viability of the sector is key to its survival and delivering on the promise of the scheme to participants.

Teresa Dao