Facing Equality Launch at University of NSW


28 March: Facing Equality Launch at University of NSW with the Dean of the Business School, Professor Chris Styles

I was honoured to be selected as one of 15 UNSW Business School alumni for the Facing Equality project, part of the University’s Grand Challenge on Inequality. The text of my poster reads:

“I have led a global and challenging life in 6 countries. As the mother of a son on the autism spectrum, I was driven to speak up about the need for better services and better lives for all people with a disability or mental illness in Australia. My advocacy as a carer has made a difference and I feel honoured to be selected as a role model in this Facing Equality Exhibition at UNSW Business School.”

Implicit, not just explicit, forms of bias are a major obstacle to the achievement of equality in Australia today.  Social psychologists have shown that mere exposure to images of successful individuals from diverse backgrounds can help shift expressions of implicit bias. UNSW have actively taken a stand by pioneering The Facing Equality project, combining photographic portraits with thoughts and words from a diverse range of UNSW alumni, to encourage us all to challenge inequality. Thank you to Professors Rosalind Dixon and Richard Holden for leading The Grand Challenge on Inequality, a truly worthwhile project.

Teresa Dao