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Worried about the transition to the NDIS Commission? Haven’t received your renewal notice yet?

Don’t panic about the change, Centro ASSIST has you covered. We have created the policies and processes to meet the NDIS Commission’s new rules and regulations. We have ticked all the boxes regardless of what type of provider you are or whether you are currently registered against Human Services Registrar guidelines.

As confusing as this is, you can use this time to gear up for the national quality and safeguarding compliance regulations and hit the ground running when renewals are being sent by the NDIS Commission.

Are you looking to register rather than renew? Don’t worry, you can access our tips for registration here.

Here are our 6 top things you need to do for renewing and transitioning in Australian Capital Territory:

1. Choose your registration groups. This affects which policies and processes you need.

2. Choose which of our products suits you. Not sure which product to choose? Have a look at our Product Comparison page.

3. Use the time to prepare your application. When you subscribe with us we have a Guide to Registering in the NDIS Commission.

4. Confirm your details in your PRODA account, Myplace account, bank details, ABN / ABC etc.

5. From July 1 organisations will begin to receive their renewal notice. When you receive the renewal notice you can complete the forms. When the NDIS Commission receives your form, you will be sent a Scope of Audit.

6. Get a quote from one of our preferred auditors and show them your scope of audit. Simply, send us an email and we will make the referral for you.

Use the time to prepare and implement the policies and processes to meet the QSF. Auditors will be impressed by what you have pro-actively done to meet the new standards.

Don’t forget that the Auditors will be incredibly busy so as soon as you receive your notice for renewal, book an appointment with them.

*If you are a Centro ASSIST customer, you can skip to step 3.

Our Products

Centro FREE
Helping you get started

Access NDIS information, step-by-step registration guides, easy to use look-up tool for NDIS pricing and much more!


Centro CORE
Helping you deliver

Meet your compliance needs with ready-made policies and processes that match the Core modules, take the financial pain and stress out of NDIS registration and future audits.


Helping you transform

Let us do the hard work for you. We will transform your policies and processes to meet the Quality and Safeguarding Framework. You will get an easy to use web-app and more time to focus on your business in the process.



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